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2012 Review – A healthy reward for those invested.

The purpose of this blog is to let you know that you were well rewarded for being invested last year with your core portfolio of income producing growth assets returning 23% for the 12 months to  30th December 2012.

As you know, we don’t put too much credence on short term returns but after 5 gruelling years we felt you deserved to know that 2012 was a wonderful year to be invested in the type of investments you held. And we know it took some fortitude.

The Figures

The lowest returning fund was 14.42%, the property securities fund returned 30.93% and the Asian exposure fund earned 24.94%. Our Core selection of active funds outperformed the weighted average of each fund’s benchmark or asset class by 4.15% after fund manager fees.

For those who use our aggressive super strategy which uses managed funds that borrow internally to hold greater exposure to blue chip companies, the two funds returned 34.47% and 44.81%.

Please note the portfolio return figures are from fund manager websites and are the weighted average return of our preferred fund and asset allocation. Due to changes over time and differences in individual circumstances and decisions your weightings and therefore returns may be different.

Please also read our previous blog post regarding profit taking if you have a minute: Quality Investments in Troubled Times – Inbuilt discipline to take profits

If you would like to discuss 2012 returns or your 2013 plan, please contact us today.

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