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Re-tender Your Loan To Reverse The Rate Increase

Re-tender Your Loan To Reverse the Rate Increase

Has your investment loan rate increased?

The response by the big four banks to the latest APRA guidelines on the limit of the amount of investment lending has seen an increase in interest rates on new and existing investment loans. While this is great for the banks’ bottom line it negatively affects the free cash flow from your investment properties, especially in the face of dropping rents.

Not all lenders have reacted this way.

Re-tender your loan for a better rate.

A loan is not something you typically shop around for, especially when it’s already setup. But shopping around can make a big difference and help to keep more money in your pocket. Bennett Wealth Group can help you re-tender your loan to a panel of lenders that may result in a better rate and improve your overall position.

Remove the hassle.

We will help you negotiate with your current lender before you switch banks which can mean that often you won’t even need to change banks, a hassle we all know is worth avoiding!

How it works:

  1. You send us a recent loan statement.
  2. We take a look at your balance and interest rate.
  3. We give you an indication of the savings you could achieve.
  4. We explain the steps to getting there.

And because we charge a fee for our services, rather than relying on commission, it means we can offer the commission back to you.

Money for living life.

Our knowledge of investment structuring and tax management means we are able to ensure your loan structure is optimised for tax effectiveness. We’ve regularly brought strategies to the table that have saved many thousands in tax and interest and seen countless clients save enough for annual overseas holidays, so it’s no wonder their friends and families become clients of ours too.

Let us show you how.

To make sure you have the right loan solution in place, contact us with your loan statement details and we’ll see if we can save you money.

* Terms & Conditions apply.


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