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The BWG Way – Effective investment, finance and tax planning advice.

An overwhelming majority of the financial planners in Australia are licensed by institutions and banks.

Not us.

We are Perth-based, privately owned and operated by the financial advisors who work in the business.

Our focus is on developing personalised and very effective investment, finance and tax planning strategies. We charge fees for our services that reflect the effort involved and the value added.

We have our own Australian Financial Services License. This gives us the flexibility to provide the advice our clients need rather than being restricted by an institutionally owned licensee.

We actively manage our client’s affairs so they can focus on enjoying life and ultimately have choices. Choices about what job to take, whether to start a business, when to retire, whether to buy another property or invest in shares, or to take 3 months off and travel.

What we are not

  • We are not accountants. We work with your accountant to get the most out of your refunds.
  • We are not a bank – but we do source the best loans and the best rates when you need it.
  • We are not going to lock your cash up and stop you from enjoying life! We help maintain the balance.
  • We are not yes men/women. Sometimes we’ll disagree, but the decision is ultimately yours.
  • We are not conventional. History has showed that conventional wisdom isn’t always right.

What you can expect

Here’s a snapshot of what it will be like to work with us.

Imagine you just got back from your annual holiday, and in your inbox is an email from us requesting an appointment. This email contains a list of information we need from you to prepare your strategy document for your bi-annual workshop.

You send us your bonus figures, share plan details, holiday expenditures and other major items expected for the following year, and we get moving on strategy optimisation. We send you the document prior to our meeting so that you’re able to bring any questions, issues and concerns to the workshop. This means we can have some deep and effective conversations about the range of items to be discussed.

You leave the workshop noting what actions are to be done with the knowledge that you have just signed all the forms required for us to setup your tax management and investment strategies for the next 6 months. We can then implement the super rollovers, wealth protection plans, debt reduction strategies, investment plans and any loans needed.

Our advice gives you the information that you require to make informed and smart decisions about your future. It starts now and continues at each review as part of our ongoing coaching and advice.

More info:

If you would like to experience this level of service and optimise your family’s financial position, request a call today.

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