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Small Business Workshops – Understand The WA Outlook And Plan Your Financial Future.

Small Business Workshops – Understand the WA outlook and plan your financial future.

Are you a Western Australia small business wondering how the slow down is going to affect you, and how long it will last? Your business is probably your biggest asset and possibly your retirement nest egg, so are you getting the most out of it?

We are a full service financial advice group who advise family groups on business structuring right through to how to invest their money, so we follow the economic trends closely.

Our clients are getting great piece of mind from the economic forecasting information we give them, the coordination we provide with their other advisors such as accountants and lawyers, and the eventual game plan that they are able to execute with confidence.

We are opening up 5 planning and review workshops for July. We guarantee it’s not just a fluffy chat to hook you in for other services. We know you’re too busy for that and so are we. So, what will you get?

  • A detailed assessment about the Western Australia economic outlook.
  • An individual assessment of your personal circumstances and business position that will allow us to help you plan your next move.
  • Importantly, you’ll get a personalised action plan you can take away to help you tackle the road ahead with your business.

As business owners who live and work in Western Australia, we love this type of work.

If you think you or someone you know would benefit from a fresh review from a group, who not only has a good understanding of the economic issues facing Western Australia, but also the family businesses journey, then book your session now.

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